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DevSolutions Consulting is a firm providing strategic consulting and advisory services to the private sector, non-profit and government organizations to foster the growth of dynamic early stage micro and small businesses (MSEs).  These firms drive innovation and are key contributors to economic growth, given their positive impact on employment and income.


With our multi-disciplinary team of consultants and partners, we provide tailor-made solutions and tools to help MSEs cope with ongoing challenges and to grow on a sustainable basis. We take a holistic approach to our work, as MSEs require a range of services in addition to technical training.  Factors such as the ability to innovate, access to information and market intelligence, partnerships, access to a range of financing options, as well as strategic planning and enterprise risk management are equally important for success. We work primarily with institutions providing services and other support to entrepreneurs - business service institutions, financial institutions, multilaterals and others. The goal is to make these services more effective and more relevant. In close consultation with you, we determine which combination of services will best suit your needs.  Together, we formulate a shared vision of desired project outcomes, and this guides our work.  We are motivated by our commitment to integrity, the highest levels of performance and client satisfaction.  We passionately believe in the transformative potential of MSEs, and the powerful impact they can have on social and economic development.

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