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Clients & Testimonials

DevSolutions believes in the potential of micro and small businesses (MSEs) as agents of change in the Caribbean and other emerging markets. We facilitate MSE access to capacity-building, mentoring and financial support.  



Our vision is to democratize access to finance for MSEs, acting as a key player in the creation of dynamic firms that can attract a wide range of financial instruments - loans, grants, equity investments, and more.



From trainings to advisory services, lectures to collaborative project development, at Dev Solutions we've been honored to work with clients around the world.


Feedback on our Intro to Equity Financing training from Nsombi Jaja


“Dr. Winsome Leslie and DevSolutions exhibit a strong commitment to quality and a keen desire to exceed expectations.” – Audrey Richards, Project Coordinator, Jamaica Venture Capital Programme

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"Dr. Leslie is a consummate professional and an accomplished development specialist. Her skills and experience have helped the CMFA execute important knowledge-sharing initiatives and fulfill its mission." -  Dr. Curven Whyte, Vice-Chairman of the Board


“DevSolutions is committed to excellence, and based on our experience, they approach each client as a partner, with a genuine interest in that client’s success.” – Yadeli Urbina, General Manager

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 “Dr. Leslie is the epitome of heart and intellect.  She joined the OECS Business Model Competition Team in 2020 as a Coach and Mentor to participants who competed to share US$35,000 in the Sustainable Development Movement (SDM) Pitch Room hosted by Daymond John.  Her work created an environment of c-creation and scaling, as entrepreneurs who benefited directly from her coaching sessions were all finalists and one of them emerged the winner.  She is also a region-builder who cares about the advancement of the business development ecosystem in the Caribbean.  She continues to be a force to be reckoned with.” — Lisa Taylor-Stone, Head – Development Cooperation & Resource Mobilization

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“The rubber meets the road, when working with Dr. Leslie at DevSolutions Consulting.  Dr. Leslie was able to inspire, coach and mentor the transition of our financing ideas to reality at Genesis Payment Solutions.  She did this by establishing the foundation and an understanding of equity financing, including valuation of the company and the process involved in fund-raising – explaining concepts in the simplest of terms, yet in ways that encapsulate your company’s ideas, ethos and culture.”
Alex Straun, CEO


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