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At DevSolutions, our consultants have years of experience fostering sustainable growth in micro & small businesses.

Explore how we can support your organization, business or initiative as advisors, trainers, or project designers 


At DevSolutions, we work with institutions providing capacity-building services. We also design access to finance projects, programs and other support to entrepreneurs. With our multi-disciplinary team of consultants and partners, we develop tailor-made solutions and tools to make these projects and programs more innovative, effective and scalable. We also provide access to finance tools and coaching services to individual entrepreneurs. 


Our team takes a holistic approach to our work, taking into account the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem within which firms operate. Working closely with you, we formulate a shared vision of desired project outcomes, and this guides our work.  We are motivated by our commitment to integrity, the highest levels of performance and client satisfaction. 



As a thought leader, DevSolutions  provides advice in a number of areas such as strategic planning, program design, training curriculum development, to organizations fostering access to finance for micro and small businesses.  

With our extensive networks, we can also facilitate broker new relationships, provide market intelligence, and foster partnerships. Our team’s combined experience and our planning tools enable us to advise entrepreneurs on financing options, and assist with the necessary documentation to approach and tap into various traditional and nontraditional sources of capital.

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Using design thinking techniques, we work with our clients to conceptualize and develop project ideas and new business models into sustainable access to finance projects with impact, to foster business growth. 

We offer the following services:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Market Analyses

  • Project Design and Preparation

  • Sourcing Project Financing


We structure and provide Training-of-Trainer programs and one-on-one coaching to micro and small businesses in the following areas:

  • Micro and Small Business Financing

  • Access to Finance instruments

  • Financial Education


As a certified business advisor, DevSolutions has access to GrowthWheel's suite of business planning tools.


Advisory Services

Worked with one of the major microfinance institutions in Belize to develop the key elements of a 3-year strategic plan in order to remain competitive in the local market.


Conducted assessments to determine the feasibility of the establishment of a microfinance institution in both the British Virgin Islands, and in Turks and Caicos.


Worked with the Development Bank of Jamaica to identify, develop and undertake activities to launch the BIGEE project, a US$50 million loan program funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.  This program strengthens MSMEs in Jamaica through a suite of capacity-building services offered through business support organizations and intermediaries as well as a range of grant and equity instruments.


Designed  a project in Jamaica, executed by the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) to support the use of IP assets by small businesses as collateral for commercial bank financing.


Worked with the IDB Lab (part of the Inter-American Development Bank Group) to identify and develop projects for funding in Belize, Jamaica and Guyana.


Developed and rolled out a training-of-trainer program - Introduction to Equity Financing -  aimed at  business support organizations in Jamaica, under the JVCapital Project implemented by the Development Bank of Jamaica.

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