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Equity Financing


Would you like to know about equity finance as a possibility for your business? Then this video is for you.

In our access to finance work, we at DevSolutions have found that many entrepreneurs like you need succinct and simple information on financing options beyond a grant or a loan.  We are committed to filling this gap, beginning with equity investing, given our experience developing equity investment training-of-trainer programs and designing projects to promote equity investment in emerging markets.

This video is the first in a series that will explain equity financing, the process, and how you can attract an equity investment.  We have also included a useful tool which you can download for free: The Investment Readiness Assessment (below), where you can determine in a very preliminary way, whether you have the kind of company and/or business model that could be attractive to an investor.  


We welcome your feedback on the series.

Equity Investment Glossary

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Equity Investment Glossary
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